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    I'm looking this over in light of RoP, even the Shoulder Shock routine. I think some of my activities are redundant. I've got a clear deficiency in my left shoulder, and the rehab of my leg has nearly run its course. I'm fixing a pelvic/lumbar thing, so a season of squats instead of DLs. The hip drive is covered with swings. I can see this trimming down a good bit.

    R-phase warmup, wall squats, halos, pumps, SL 4-ways
    16kg TGUs, even bottom-up 12kg TGUs for grip and tension
    alt sets of 16kg swings and rack squats
    12kg C&P ladders, maybe even Shoulder Shock

    Maybe alternate swing and press days. That's warmup, grind and grip, ballistic lifts, squats, and high presses. Hips, shoulders, hands, back... yeah, I like this better.
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