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Training Log: March 13th, 2006

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by , 03-12-2006 at 11:00 PM (410 Views)
After a huge break, didn't lift a finger all spring break, got back into it:
My first double KB workout:
Mike Mahler's Circuit for Monday:
8 Db C&P
6e renegade rows
6 Db front squats
6 Db Swings
12 Under leg pass

this circuit 6 times, with one min rest between every exercise (is that what he meant? seemed too long to rest, I was ready about 30 seconds for next)

Total time - 50 minutes +7 SJ warmup = 57 minutes total, a bit long

PS - Came up with a motivating deal with myself today to lose weight. I decided that I will not buy my new car (infiniti m35x) until I weigh 215 lbs. That should take about 10 weeks (End of May) if I really go fast (3 lbs a week) or up to 15 weeks (End of June) if I am slower. This deal I swear I will do. If I have to starve myself to get that car early this summer, I will. That's my motivation that will work.
I'll update with current weight and weekly progress vs goals shortly.


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