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my training routines

I do numerous training routines with the 12 and 16 kg kettlebells and body weight exercises. Although the primary reason I started working out with the kettlebell was part of my conditioning for Karate (Kyokushin), one of my main motivations now is mind/body fitness (mind are body are one) which contributes to my overall state of well-being.

Feel free to brouse my blog and comment and or ask me any questions you wish about my routines.

Feb. 19, 2009: I've decided to add the slosh pipe to my training regimen. It's an 8ft. PVC pipe filled half way with water and capped on both ends. It weighs a total of about 40 lbs.

Aug. 17, 2010: Yesterday I purchased some new kettlebells (12 and 16 kg) which were stolen from me. They cost me over $100 but are so important to my training that I had to purchase some new ones.

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