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my training routines

Tabata hot potato/kata practice

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by , 06-29-2009 at 09:19 AM (1085 Views)

halo/windmill warmup (5 each side)


kata (2 times)

back kick wall exercise (10 each side)

hiza orosh (2.5 min)

windmills (5 each side)

flextend exercises

Tabata hot potatoes (12 kg)

flextend exercises

visualization (2.5 min)



  1. stratcat's Avatar
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    I often do something similar. I'm a 2nd dan in traditional Tae kwon-do, which is very similar to hardstyle Karate. I actually used to study Kyokushin years ago.

    I have a total of 14 hyungs (katas). At least once a week I have a routine where I do one hyung and 20, 24kg snatches, then rest for exactly one minute. If I put max power into the hyung, I'm already hurting by the time I get to the snatches. 14 rounds of that is a killer. I have often replaced the snatches with H2H swings, TGU or other exercises.

    Nice to see someone else doing the same.
  2. Ameen's Avatar
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    Thanks. It seems like you have a really good routine as well.
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