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Week 3: Strength-Rev band SQ 305x3 / Pad BP 265x3 / Rev DL 395x3

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by , 05-13-2011 at 03:57 PM (816 Views)
5/13/11 50min
ME Pad BP 245,265x3
Floor NBP 215x5,5,4
-30sec rest
Fly Machine 80,100x10x2
Body Rows 10x3
Tri PDs 70,80x12x3
DB Shrugs 35,55,65x10
DB Curls 15x20

5/11/11 35min
DL rev mini(-75) 395x3
Glute Ham 100,150x10x2
Leg Curls 50,70x10,90x7,70x10
Leg Press 3Px10x3
Calf Press 3px12,15,20

5/10/11 34min
DE BP micro 145x3x8, 185
MP 165x4
Tri PDs micro 50x10x6
Rows 1Px10x4


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