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  1. Week #1: Floor press 255x3 / BSQ RB(-100) 385x3

    by , 06-09-2011 at 05:50 PM
    BSQ 95,145,195x5
    DE Blue Bands 125x5x5
    ME RB Green(-100)215,265,305,325,345,365,385x3!Standing LC 20,30,40,50x10
    Leg Ext 50,70,90,110,130x12
    Calves 200,240x12x2,260x10x2
    Hypers 12x5 (30sec)

    Floor Press 215,235,255x3
    Head Press 135x8x3
    Hammer BP 1Px10x3
    Rows 1Px10x2
    PDs 100,80x10
    Tri Pds 150x20,10
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  2. Week 4: DL rev Bands(-85) 435x3 / Pad BP 285

    by , 05-23-2011 at 01:22 PM
    ME Pad BP 245x3,275x2+1f,285x1+1f
    Floor NBP 225x5x3
    -30sec rest
    Fly Machine 50,70x10x2,90x10x2
    Body Rows 12x5
    Tri PDs 30x20x4
    face Pulls 30,45x15
    DB Shrugs 40x60x12
    DB Curls 10,15x20
    Bar curls 30x20x2

    DL rev bands min (-85) 415,435x3
    Lunges 85,105x5x3
    Glute Ham 150,160x10x2
    Leg Curls 90x12,70x10x3
    Leg Press 2P,3P,4Px10
    Calf press 12x3
    Training Log
  3. Week 4: BSQ Rev Bands 345x3,355x2 / MP 175x4

    by , 05-18-2011 at 12:00 PM
    DE BP micro 155x3x8, 185, 205
    MP 95,115,135,155x3,175x4!
    Rows 1.5Px10x3,8
    Tri PDs micro 60x10x2,50x10x2,40x10x3
    DB Curls 15x20x2

    BSQ mini 165x4x6
    Rev Band BSQ 325,345x3,355x2
    OSQ 125,145x5x3
    Standing LC 20x10x3
    Leg Ext 50x10x3
    Calves 200,300x10,9,9

    Updated 05-18-2011 at 12:02 PM by Arthur

    Training Log
  4. Week 3: Strength-Rev band SQ 305x3 / Pad BP 265x3 / Rev DL 395x3

    by , 05-13-2011 at 04:57 PM
    5/13/11 50min
    ME Pad BP 245,265x3
    Floor NBP 215x5,5,4
    -30sec rest
    Fly Machine 80,100x10x2
    Body Rows 10x3
    Tri PDs 70,80x12x3
    DB Shrugs 35,55,65x10
    DB Curls 15x20

    5/11/11 35min
    DL rev mini(-75) 395x3
    Glute Ham 100,150x10x2
    Leg Curls 50,70x10,90x7,70x10
    Leg Press 3Px10x3
    Calf Press 3px12,15,20

    5/10/11 34min
    DE BP micro 145x3x8, 185
    MP 165x4
    Tri PDs micro 50x10x6 ...
    Training Log
  5. Week2: Strenth Recovery SQ 335 92%,BP 275 97%,DL 395 95%

    by , 05-08-2011 at 04:40 PM
    BP 175x3x5 245,275x1
    BSQ Mini 165x5x5
    BSQ Rev Band(40) 305x3,325x1 (85-97%)
    OSQ 135x5x3

    DL 225x5x3 Rack 365,395x1(tough)
    Lunge 95,105x5x3
    Inc BP 145x3x6
    PP 175x2x2,185x2x2

    BSQ 205x4x5 305x1,335x1
    OSQ 155x5x3
    BP 165x3x6 265x1
    Training Log
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