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asha wagner

Convict Conditioning Day 8

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by , 05-31-2010 at 07:37 PM (1239 Views)
Today I performed the following reps for the listed exercises, super setted as usual

Incline Pushups 3x40 on a kitchen counter top

Knee Tucks 3x40 on the edge of a sofa

The pushups are getting easier, but still not quite as easy as a GTG set (half my max reps). My left elbow began to ache slightly, but felt better after repositioning my feet so that my hands were more directly under my shoulders in the low position. The tucks are improving as well.

I chose not to warm up at all prior to doing this workout to be more in line with the goals of my Ever Ready Training. The exercises are gentle enough I can perform the first few reps without any real strain and my muscles warm up during the exercise. My hope is that as the exercises progress and increase in difficulty, my body will gradually adapt to handling a higher level of exertion without warming up first.


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