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Training Log: September 12th, 2005

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by , 09-11-2005 at 11:00 PM (500 Views)
Thursday 9-8-05

running- forwards, backwards, side to side
25 Japanese Push Ups (hindus)
25 sit ups

leg raises- circles, reverse circles, reverse bicycles, criss cross, hold for time, & repeat

Body drags
reverse shrimps
hip carry 2 x

push/pulls & side to side

Power (fit ins) ichi komi's (probably misspelled) 4 sets of 10

Stand up

Worked on tai otoshi- I worked on foot placement and getting low in my fit in. I like this throw, but make the common mistake of shooting my leg too far in and therefore turn the throw into a hip throw and/or a great opportunity for my opponent to counter.

Ground work

We worked on stand up for a good portion of the class so we did not cover any ground techniques, we just moved on to ground sparring.

Bull in the ring- 12 1 minute matches 6 matches in a row and 6 more matches w/ a 5 minute rest.

Saturday 8-10-05
sets x reps

1.5 pood

KB MP 5x5
KB FS 5x5

2 pood

snatch 5 x 10

Sunday 9-11-05
3 mile walk


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