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Training Log: April 18th, 2007

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by , 04-17-2007 at 11:00 PM (278 Views)
18/4/07 - workout 2

pull-ups - BW, 2 minutes rest between sets

deadlift - 70kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

one-armed clean-and-military press - 11kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets (left, right, two minutes rest, left...)

pistols - 10kg's (as with MP)

full contact twist - 15kg's, 10kg's
x0, a billion singles



- felt crap throughout this; very high blood sugar and crap sleep
- did this at 9AM in the morning starting about five seconds before getting uh ("ah shit I fell asleep and didn't workout yesterday what do I do what do I do..."); tonight's workout will be done at 7pm in the evening; had no time yesterday so fitting my "missed session" in like so; perhaps not so smart
- workout started good, pull-ups were nice and high (up to my chest, perfect control, etc); DL's were hard on first two sets, strong on the next two - think my upper back was a bit rounded in the third set
- failed to properly induct shoulder on my left side with presses; going to do lat activate drills before tonight's session; got better as things went on
- right press, however, was stronger
- first pistols were dodgy; even when using a light weight, I need to generate some tension more than is required for the weight to stay in balance; also feeling dizzy from my blood sugar; figure this'll go away soon, this is probably my fifth workout even doing pistols all year
- working out in the morning feels very good; may start doing MC in the evenings instead of in the mornings (ie. reverse my lifting & MC schedule
- can't get the full contact twist right; am going to stick it on an a separate, 5x5 session to learn it (I just don't think 4x1 will allow that), OR stick to side bends, etc. I like this drill because... it has "full contact" in the name? and just seems cool. will stick to it and give it a dedicated session. Also considered suit case deads.
- still haven't gotten around to writing a grip routine; that's okay. I'll do it later.


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