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Training Log: April 19th, 2007

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by , 04-18-2007 at 11:00 PM (322 Views)
19/4/07 - workout 4

pull-ups - BW+10kg's, BW+1.25kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets
x1, 4x1

deadlift - 75kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

one-handed clean and military press - 12.5kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets (left, right, two minutes rest, left...)

pistols - 12.5kg's (as with MP)



- legs felt a bit sore today (I noticed when walking up hills, but not when walking on a horizontal surface) - to be expected considering I trained twice yesterday. Couldn't make it to MA today (awwww...). Karate tomorrow.
- felt great to add weight. Decide to progress with my pull-up as with the RMP - though this means I'll only have added 6.25kg's to it (~13lbs) by the end of the cycle. Still! Progress is progress.
- the pull-up single with 10kg was done till my chin was JUST at bar level, but wasn't what I would call a proper pull-up, I like to go a little higher. Still, it was heartening, and I expect that 4x1 in this exercise in my next cycle will be a possible achievement.
- helped pull-up weight as a 1.25kg plate between my thighs - which clued me into: "hey, shit, there's an area I should be tensing!" It is awkward, but I'll get it. Have decided on the following progression: will always add 1.25kg's every forth workout to pull-ups, and will start 2.5kg's ahead each time (eight workouts progress)- good ol' cycling. This equals to, over a year, me doing a 50kg pull-up if I can keep it up. We will see. I'm wary of posting this as persons may think I'm stupid, but I'm interested in charting the progress of my training ideas as well as my training numbers... /endtangent.
- DL's felt good; not noticeably heavier, at all. A fantastic sign. Form is still dodgy (not bad, per se - just not perfect), and the bar slips in my hands because of how hot the room I work out in is; going to start leaving the air conditioner on for 10 minutes before I enter to pull.
- I would like to stick to this routine indefinitely; I enjoy this sort of thing. I am wary of "neurological strength" leaving, however, and may do small "Russian Bear" stints, or similar... don't wanna, though. Ah, well. We'll see.
- presses felt STRONG! Especially on the left (last rep felt better than my first rep a few days ago!); really worked hard on flaring the lat. Yay.
- said lat, however, tends to inactivate at the top, especially on the left; also, it is hard to active my bicep hard, I will work on it.
- pistols are what I was most worried about, considering my sore quads today, however they went well; weight was noticeably heavier, but not by much - I think tomorrow when my quads are rested more, they will feel stronger.
- going to write a random essay on my training philosophy in the coming days. This log is on private for now, though. I hope someone reads it. DDAdmin? Violate my privacy. Please.


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