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Training Log: April 20th, 2007

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by , 04-19-2007 at 11:00 PM (352 Views)
20/4/07 - workout 5

pull-ups - BW+1.25kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

deadlift - 75kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

one-handed clean and military press - 12.5kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets (left, right, two minutes rest, left...)

pistols - 12.5kg's (as with MP)



- felt a bit stale today; slept crappily and was in a bad mood. trained anyway! proud of that. But yeah... not in the best mind for it. Going to get to bed early and aim for at least nine hours sleep. Maybe a stupid thing to do considering the work I have mounting up, but I'm living for this right now.
- pull-up & DL form needs improvement; just have to focus on it and start adding specific notes to this log then reading over them the day after. Will do so from tomorrow onwards.
- presses felt alright, but like everything else, a bit off. My mind really wasn't "into it" today, and that affected things. Have to learn to shake off my moods better.
- found that pretending to arm-wrestle my KB (rounding the back internal-MA style, sort of like going into an arm-wrestling position), performing a "lat spread" (yeah, shut up, you'd do it too if it'd help your press), and really tensing and curling the arms in to activate my chest kept the KB closer to my body, kept everything in position re: my shoulders, and made my press feel smooth. Very cool.
- exhausted my liver glycogen today; had taken time off training previous to this recent bout, and so my basal insulin (the one which runs all through the day and acts more or less exactly like the pancreas) was too much. Going to fiddle with it in the coming days, and then moreso when I up my Karate frequency each week (going full-boar back into [over? :-p] training; going to be going to MA/gymnastics nine times per week).
- wondering what to do about weighted pull-ups when I get to a weight I can't squeeze between my legs as a plate... pockets, backpacks, etc; will do something


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