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Training Log: April 22nd, 2007

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by , 04-21-2007 at 11:00 PM (603 Views)
23/4/07 - strength workout 7

pull-ups - BW+1.25kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

deadlift - 75kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

one-handed clean and military press - 13.5kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets (left, right, two minutes rest, left...)

pistols - 12.5kg's (as with MP)



deck of cards workout. no rest between exercises. red = squats. black = push-ups. jokers = repeat last card. jack = 11, queen = 12, king = 13... OR NOT! Muscular endurance was awful on push-ups (could do 50 push-ups when I tested randomly a few weeks ago, though? --- was doing really fast reps, though), and surprisingly bad on squats . I was going with speed, however. Was sucking breath fast, but not awfully so. I will try this again tomorrowing depending on how tough Karate warm-up is (just getting back into it; first class tomorrow). Knee had a funny feeling, like I needed to "crack its knuckle" (if you've had this feeling, you will know what I refer to). But yeah... that was awkward, and my mind was not in place for the push-ups; there's a certain "conscious contraction" one needs as they get further into endurance feats (not HTT, but... telling the muscle you're going to do the movement, not just "doing a push-up"). And, if I'm honest, my spirit wasn't much into it. "Fatigue makes cowards of us all" - Vince Lombardi. I will go sprinting before/after Karate, depending on how it goes. If it's tough, good!, I will go often and give conditioning a break till I adapt (and can start at a decent level; aieeee). Disappointed in myself; in the past, I could perform that workout with ease. Could keep up a conversation during it.



- added conditioning. Have been lazy on this. Am less conditioned that in the past and I can feel it (and it showed)... and don't like that. So yeah.
- Strength essay coming up later tonight/sometime tomorrow (I work as a carer and get time to blow whilst my charge sleeps, mwahahah).
- there is a "time to train" --- TTT; more on this in my coming essay
- pull-ups didn't feel heaps good; form was alright, but they always feel worse than everything else when I'm not in tip-top shape (started work out around 10PM- tired)
- DL's however, felt and were STRONG! Weight flew up. Nice. Considering doing this routine Mon-Fri only.
- second set form on DL's sucked; so happy after my first one, I let things go; third and fourth form subsequently much better
- in the DL, have to really focus on: gripping in place, activatating back muscles and keeping shoulders low + PBing hard
- presses feeling great, on both sides. Newbie gains!
- only remembered to tense my legs together on the fourth rep! Felt great. Been re-reading ETK which is helping. Left is still worse than right.
- pistols felt way strong, though my residual tension is approaching random-cramp levels; need to start stretching again... could do the reps with no HTT. Too easy. Ah, well. Increasing tomorrow. Let's see how things go!


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