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Training Log: April 16th, 2007

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by , 04-15-2007 at 11:00 PM (282 Views)
16/4/07 - workout 1

pull-ups - BW, 2 minutes rest between sets

deadlift - 70kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets

one-handed clean and military press - 11kg's, 2 minutes rest between sets (left, right, two minutes rest, left...)

pistols - 10kg's (as with MP)

full contact twist - 15kg's, 25kg's, 5 minutes rest between sets - testing max
x1, x0



- first day of this routine. Felt good. Worked, but not fatigued.
- working with 70%1RM here, except on the pull-ups. I am weak in the movement and have never done them with weight before, so I'm just doing 4x1 with as much tension as I can muster (flying up to the bar)
- including my BW in pistol calculations, but as such I'm doing them with a lame weight and can't help but wonder if it will help; I will just pistol with 70% of my actual max weight if I don't get a good result testing.
- I am using Steve Justa's "Singles Routine No. 3". Buy his book and check it out! He is awesome and deserves it.
- pardon my lame MP numbers. This is my second workout ever with the numbers, minus testing my gumption yesterday to work out a max; haven't lifted in a while, anyway, and my pistol/DL numbers are lower than usual
- 15kg's was easy on the FCT, but I had no control on 25kg's; going to use 20kg's in tomorrow's workout
- no MA/MC practice today... lazy


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