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Training Log: December 16th, 2004

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by , 12-15-2004 at 11:00 PM (570 Views)
Joint mobility in A.M.; prepared to swim, but for the car not starting, couldn't make it to the pool; knew I had to compensate later in day, which I did. (see below)

6:00 P.M.: started with groin/leg mobility, began with 2 sets of 5 strict pullups, to pump up the lats; couple of minutes on elliptical; then to side presses;(2 sets of 4 started with 53's; even threw in 2 x 5 windmills); then right to 2 pood; 1 rep per side of really good side-presses, did this three times; felt really strong, must be either the joint mobility and/or the recent trigger-point/chiropractic work, whatever it is, it's working, and I'm getting stronger; then back onto elliptical, 3 minutes; get breath, then right to swing and stomp snatches with the 53 (sets of 10 per arm); back onto elliptical for 2 minutes; then 3 sets of 5 reps (each arm) 2 pood squats; back onto elliptical (2 minutes), and right into snatching 2 pood (1 to 2 reps, but strong, each arm; some swing style, 1 right from floor); finished with 3 more minutes on elliptical, and stomp snatches with the 53, sets of 10 each arm; great workout, really felt good the next day.


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