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Brian Copeland RKC

Training Log: March 22nd, 2008

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by , 03-21-2008 at 11:00 PM (1117 Views)
Saturday Lower/Grip/Cardio ------------------- WEEK 3

? mins - drove to help a friend fix a flat tire and then came back to finish session.

A PISTOLS/ 62/ 1,1,1 -------------------------------------- 3 med/hard

B SNATCHES: Tabata Protocol w/ 70/ 10 rounds @ 7 per round ------ 70 reps in 4:50 min/ med/hard

C PINCH BLOCK: 40/ 4 sec, 3s, 3s ---------------------------- 10 seconds hard

D1 CAPTAINS OF CRUSH: #1/ 12,7,3 -------------------------- 22 med/hard
D2 EXPAND THE HAND BANDS: Blue+Yellow/ 10,5 ---------------- 15 med/hard

E1 REVERSE WRIST CURLS: 70/ 4,4,4 --------------------------- 12 med/hard
E2 WRIST CURLS: 106/ 11,10,7 ------------------------------- 28 med/hard

F LEVERING/PRONATION/SUPINATION: held at end, 3 reps of each


I felt fine after 8 rounds of Tabata snatches with the 70 so I decided to do 2 more rounds of high speed hard style snatches and that got me toasted, but even then not as bad as normal. I must really be getting my cardio up there. Cardio/overall fatigue is the only thing that fatigues on these. I even got 8 reps per 20 seconds in one of the rounds but I didn't count the rep so things would be easy to figure out.

COC all felt great on the left, finally the set feels right and I am able to crank out the reps again. Not anywhere close to my right hand still but hopefully the left hand will be able to move up to the #2 soon so I don't have to hold the right hand back anymore.

Pinch grip is sucking right now but since my crush and wrist are making such great progress I won't complain; not long ago my pinch was rocking and crush was sucking.


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