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Britt Buckingham

Sunday Nov 23, 08

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by , 11-26-2008 at 03:42 PM (970 Views)
140kg x3
180kg x2
220kg x1
230kg x1) x3

Rolling Thunder
40kg 3/3) x1
50kg 2/2) x1
55kg 1/1) x4
The Rolling Thunder is a humbling apparatus. It is BIG. Ive seen videos and the guys using it in the vid must have been large because the vids did not do the size of this handle justice. It'll be fun to work with this, but the ego will have to be put in the back seat for a while.

VBar 55kg 1/1) x1
60kg 1/1) x2

2 Hand VBar 80kg x2) x5

Bench Press 90kg x3) x4

HH 250 1/1) x4
CoC#2 1/1) x2


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