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How to write essay

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by , 12-12-2019 at 06:52 AM (159 Views)

The main features of an essay are a specific topic (problem, question) and expression of individual impressions, thoughts of the author on a topic (problem, question) with an emphasis on the personality of the author (his feelings, worldview), a laid-back style of narration (conversational speech), attention to detail.
The purpose of the essay is to develop independent creative thinking and the ability to express your thoughts. So it will be a good idea to read new interesting information for example if you need to write a cultural identity essay it would be better to look for some example first. A quality essay should consist of an introduction where the problem is posed, abstracts (author’s ideas on the topic), each thesis must be supported by evidence that confirms the author’s point of view, and a conclusion that once again fixes the problem and summarizes the essay.
How to write a good essay is a question that I will try to answer in about 2 minutes. There will be something else related to this issue, an explanation of how to use quotes correctly. An essay is a presentation not only of your ideas but also of ideas that are necessary for proof, for understanding the issue. When we think of an essay, we recall those small essays of three paragraphs that we wrote on exams in one hour. The principle, of course, is the same, but you need to increase the volume of these paragraphs.The first part will be the introduction. Fifth - the conclusion.
Parts 2 and 3, paragraphs 2 and 3 are those parts where you must demonstrate to the reader that you understand what you are talking about. Here you need to show that everything is balanced. For example, in an essay-proof (argumentative essay) in the second part, there will be reasons for the fact that in part 4, and the third part there are reasons against the following statement. This is only a conditional division. In the second part, you may have the most important, strong reasons for and against, and in the third part additional reasons.
The main way to write a good essay is to write according to the plan. But the plan should not be too detailed - I saw plans where everything is written "from and to", but the essays were not the best.
The denouement is what you affirm, state very clearly, something from parts 2 or 3. Add some information from yourself, information that is important specifically for your essay, for your statement. Information that will help you get an excellent mark at the end.Point 4 is a denouement. This should be your biggest paragraph. The part in which you again list the facts supported by good quotes is clear (simple), logical (developing ideas) and in order (only that which is relevant to the question).

Briefly: paragraphs 1 and 5 should be small. In the first, it’s enough to indicate how you are going to solve the problem. Paragraph 5 is logically inferred from paragraph 4. What exactly is said above is a conclusion from all that has been said above. If in part 5 you start a new discussion, a new idea appears, then you need to write a new essay. This is a waste of your time. Do not add anything new to paragraph 5. This is the part that follows from everything that has already been written before it.
Paragraph 4 is proof. This is what you were waiting for. It's like a street situation you and your friends are in. It makes no sense to try to mumble something, childish or funny. You need to carefully listen to what they are trying to tell you - yes, I understand, - and then state your arguments. To convince how accurately you all understand how wise your position is. And this is paragraph 4. The first, second, third - these are the reasons that the opponent is wrong. And "bang" is your argument. He defeated him, he destroyed him. You affirm your point of view. Very clearly, very simply, recognizing that there are other points of view, but they are wrong.

I’ll add something to this story.

We have 5 sections - essay system. But we also need to decide how to defend ourselves, how to build argumentation. And we do it with quotes. That which in the past was not quite correctly used. Today it is often said that plagiarism cannot be used. This would be absurd for the ancient Greeks or Romans. After all, they constantly took other people's thoughts to add impressiveness to their texts. This is not something that cannot be done, on the contrary. You just need to indicate where you got it from. This is normal. It is legal. You need to use quotes correctly. Imagine you have 6 great quotes.

And there are 35-45 minutes to write an essay. You may not have enough time to use all these 6 quotes, so you need to choose very carefully. Because a quote always requires three sentences: the first is a statement, then the quote and then its explanation.


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