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dean owens

December TGU & Swing Challenge Days 1 & 2

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by , 12-02-2010 at 07:42 AM (831 Views)
Figured I'd go ahead and record my Challenge numbers and progress for this month in the blog section here. I'm recording the numbers in other places but it can't hurt to have it recorded on multiple sites. So here it goes.

Day 1
warmup (same for every exercise until i learn otherwise.)
10 Goblet Squats w/ 16kg
10 Halos w/ 8kg
3 Pumps
1 Quad/Hip flexer/hamstring stretch per leg
3 Pumps
1 Quad/Hip flexer/hamstring stretch per leg
then repeat for a total of about 10 minutes

5 min snatch test - 60 snatches w/ 16kg (30 per arm)

TGU x1 w/ 16kg
20 swings x10 w/ 16kg

Day 2

all done with 16kg
R TGU from floor x1
25 2H swings x2
L TGU from floor x1
25 2H swings x2
R TGU from standing x1
25 RH swings x1
25 LH swings x1
L TGU from standing x1
50 one handed swings (switching at 25) x1

today - 2 TGU, 200 swings
this week - 3 TGU, 400 swings

600 swings left for this week


  1. HeavyKettle-USMC's Avatar
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    I never even thought about rotating between the TGU's and swings. I'll give that a try once the TGU's are getting too hard. Probably around the 7th
  2. dean owens's Avatar
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    i wouldn't have thought about breaking them up either but i looked back at some of the logs people posted from last year and saw that they did that. i haven't done it so much to make the TGU easier as much to help me keep track of what i'm doing better and to keep some variety in there. it's made it pretty fun.
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