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dean owens

December TGU & Swing Challenge Day 8

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by , 12-08-2010 at 08:09 AM (404 Views)
starting week two off sick. normally i rest as much as i can when i get sick. can't really do that with this challenge. we'll see how working out through sickness works for me.

i know what i'm about to type is child's play to some of you, but i would have thought i would have been further from doing today's workout than i was. before this challenge i had just started using my 16kg bell. i was using my 12kg and had only gotten to doing 30 straight swings with it about 2 weeks ago. keeping that in mind, here's what i did today.

TGU x1 w. 12kg
Swings x50 w. 12kg
TGU x1 w. 16kg
Swings x20 2H, x5 RH, x5 LH, x10 2H, x5 RH, x5 LH = 50 straight w. 16kg
TGU x1 w. 20kg (i don't have a 20kg so i stacked an 8kg on top of my 12kg)
Swings x25 w. 12kg LH & 8kg RH then switch for the other 25
TGU x1 w. 24kg (never been able to successfully complete one with this weight before)
Swings ladder style... 5, 10, 15, 20 w. 24kg (most i've done before was 5)
repeat once

and before last week i had only done 160-180 swings in a given workout. i'm pretty excited about these numbers. now, it feels like it took me about 6 years because i was watching my girls while working out and i had to keep stopping to get markers, water, let the dog out, etc.

today - 8 TGUs, 400 Swings
this week - 8 TGUs, 400 Swings
this month - 24 TGUs, 1400 Swings

left this week - 1100 swings


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