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dean owens

December TGU & Swing Challenge Day 9

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by , 12-09-2010 at 07:49 PM (685 Views)
today was a hard one to get in. woke up sicker with no energy. and i had to do some traveling tonight. but i got it in. just broke it into an am and a pm workout.

standard warmup

TGU x1 w. 12kg
Swings x50 w. 12kg
TGU x1 w. 16kg
Swings x20 2H, x5 RH, x5 LH, x10 2H, x5 RH, x5 LH = 50 straight w. 16kg
TGU x1 w. 20kg (stacked 8kg on top of 12kg)
Swings x25 w. 12kg LH & 8kg RH then switch for the other 25
TGU x1 w. 24kg
Swings ladder style... 5, 10, 15, 20 w. 24kg


no warmup (was thinking i'd just go my getups. but then i got moving.
all done with a 16kg
TGU x1, Swings x40 - x5

today - 9 TGUs, 400 Swings
this week - 17 TGUs, 800 Swings
this month - 33 TGUs, 1800 Swings

left this week - 700 swings


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    Here's a good swing workout. Do one handed, 30 seconds on each hand, the rest for 30. Do 15 sets. It will take 22:30. I got it from David Whitley's 101 workouts.
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