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dean owens

December TGU & Swing Challenge Day 13

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by , 12-13-2010 at 09:01 AM (401 Views)
week two is in the books. did my getups this morning. they were tough. i'm guessing because i had just worked out less than 12 hours ago.

typical warmup

TGU x1 w/24kg
TGU x1 w/ stacked 12kg & 8kg
TGU x1 w/16kg
TGU x1 w/12kg
repeat twice
TGU x1 w/24kg

today - 13 TGUs
this week - 53 TGUs, 1500 Swings
this month - 69 TGUs, 2500 Swings

left this week - nothing but rest.

I'M DONE FOR THE WEEK! time to rest and hope i get over this sickness that's hanging on.


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