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dean owens

December TGU & Swing Challenge Day 29

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by , 12-29-2010 at 04:31 PM (994 Views)
i wasn't sure i'd be able to workout today. my lower back has been stiff the last few days. so much so i thought i was going to have to call it quits right here at the end. rather than calling it quits i decided to just start off doing TGUs with body weight, REALLY focus on form, and go from there. here's what ended up happening.

no warmup

RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/BW
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/5lb (my 4 yr old daughter's kb
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/4kg
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/8kg
RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2, RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2, RS TGU x1, LS TGU x1 - w/12kg
RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2, RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2 - w/16kg

i felt like a wimp starting off with body weight and my daughter's kb but it helped warm me up and make it so that i could end with the 16kg. and to be honest, my back was feeling so tight that i hated the thought of even attempting the 16kg. this might be my workout to finish the month.

today - 29 TGUs
this week - 29 TGUs
this month - 310 TGUs, 7002 swings

left this week - 61 TGUs


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