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dean owens

December TGU & Swing Challenge Day 31

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by , 12-31-2010 at 06:42 PM (1191 Views)
i put this in the december challenge thread but i figure i'll put it here for posterity.

i didn't think i'd finish. the final day and i've been in bed most of the day. getting sick and no energy. (thank you mom for giving our family a killer cold while visiting you over christmas.) because of that i haven't eaten much all day. part way through i felt like i was going to "toss my cookies" and had to take a pretty big break. but i finished it. i'm happy to be done. i planned on starting kettlebell burn on monday but i think with getting sick i'm going to take the week off. it's been great doing the challenge but i'm so happy to be done.

no warmup

RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/BW
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/5lb (my 4 yr old daughter's kb
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/4kg
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/8kg
RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2, RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2, RS TGU x2, LS TGU x2 - w/12kg
wanted to finish "strong" with the 16kg but i had to go back to body weight.
RS TGU x5, LS TGU x5 - w/BW

today - 31 TGUs
this week - 90 TGUs
this month - 371 TGUs, 7002 swings


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