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My thoughts on effective training.

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by , 07-21-2010 at 12:07 PM (456 Views)
The more I analyze my initial theory of a definite poundage limit where the amount of returns begins to sharply diminish w/ each increase in the weight used the more I'm convinced that I'm correct.

I agree w/ Pavel in his "teenage rock music station" analogy of HIT. I don't agree, or rather think its right to use examples of using 900lbs. The use of such rediculous poundages is simply way heavier than the human skeleton was designed for. Barbell's primary reason for invention was the title of a long gone but very popular in it time magazine - Strength & Health. Competitve weightlifting has damaged more people's health than its ever helped.

I think that the use a heavier weight in a particular exercise is not necessarily going to deliver a higher amount of tension on the respective muscles exercised. The more perfect a person's form is has a more direct effect on the derived results than the heavier the weight is.


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