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Arthur Jones

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by , 07-24-2010 at 01:29 PM (472 Views)
If I could have (1) ONE question answered and be assured w/ absolute certainty that its answer would correct w/out the slightest bit of gray area it would be :

How did Arthur Jones rate the barbell squat over the DEADLIFT? I've done hours of research on this reading everything from Bulletin 1 to every single chapter of My First Half-Century and all his unpublished stuff & yet I've found (0) mention of the deadlift except when addressing the use of conventional equipment he advises stiff-leg deadlifts.

The man spent hours, days, weeks, & months designing equipment for small relatively minor muscle groups(biceps/triceps/delts/traps/forearms/sternomastoids) which from my experience grow faster/better when not directly trained as occurs w/ the DEADLIFT. My theory is these ^ muscle groups are loaded much heavier indirectly & of more importance more safely w/ the DL than they can will ever be done directly exercised w/ curls/presses/shrugs. I also theorize that since w/ the DL they are trained indirectly the respective recuperative abilities of each muscle is not as harshly depleted allowing for more thorough total recovery, i.e., growth. My entire upper body has grown more in a yr w/ the indirect stimlulation provided by DL's than yrs of direct exercises. This is not as insignificant as it all may sound IMO.

It makes me think of Pavel's analogy of how the Russians who've dominated the Olympics for yrs using a junkyard filled w/ plates & bars while the US who've gone from dominating Oly lifting in the late 50's to not even competitive currently. Like the the Kalashnikov 47 primarily because of the simplicity of its gas discharge tubes and a much heavier load is such a vastly superior weapon to the Stoner AR-15 a story goes that an american soldier in Vietnam found an AK buried in the mud, picked it up & shook the mud out then emptied a 30 rd mag full auto. In fact initially because of a poor ball powder choice the first M-16 quickly began incessantly jamming.

As I've read somewhere before writing a superior sequel to PTTP is as I'm sure Du Cane & Pavel have decided is impossible. Once a very basic universal concept or concepts have been written repeating them is pointless. All they can do now is what they're doing w/ the PTTP seminars. Although licensing PTTP gym franchises might not be a bad idea, because the concepts are so simple yet so productive.

What remains significant about all this in my mind is, again, how did Arthur Jones & Siff miss all this? Or rather why did they?

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