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4 popular places for easy trekking in Sapa

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by , 05-26-2017 at 09:17 PM (2086 Views)
Being famous as the tropical heaven in the North of Vietnam, Sapa is not only well-known for summer resorts but also easy trekking routes for all travelers.

  1. Ham Rong Mount Peak

Located not very far from center of Sapa town, Ham Rong botanical garden is the mainstream place for almost all Sapa tours. However, don’t get bored of its popularity because it is actually an ideal location for hikers. From center of Sapa town, tourists head up north and you can easily catch the sight of Ham Rong mountain.
Meandering along the brick-paved road, you could admire the glorious views of countless flowers. The trekking route is not hard so that it is suitable for everyone. Once you halt your hiking road at the final point on the peak of Ham Rong Mountain, you could get a panoramic view of Sapa. The best time is in the vicinity of sunset.

Ham Rong Mountain peak
  1. Cat Cat ethnic village

Strolling along the road to Cat Cat Village is an extraordinary feeling when you are able to exercise your muscles and catch the glimpse of a vast valley below. Even lying not far from Sapa center, Cat Cat village is an ideal trekking route; more challenging than Ham Rong Mount route but still acceptable for all tourists.
As one of the famous Sapa trekkings, this route cuts through many attractions such as Cat Cat village, where you could observe the local life as well as traditional crafts of the indigenous; stream-crossing bridge, terraced fields and some off-roads. With many ups-and-downs, Cat Cat Village could be a suitable choice for hikers, who would like to practice in advance, prior to conquering the Fansipan Peak, the roof of Indochina.
Cat Cat ethnic Village
  1. Muong Hoa Valley- Sapa ancient rock field

Located in the administrative area of Hau Thao commune, Muong Hoa Valley is 8km from Sapa. The trekking route in Muong Hoa is appealing to many tours to Sapa where tourists could admire the masterpieces of nature with an enormous field dotted with multi-shape rocks.
Additionally, trekking through Muong Hoa Valley, visitors can drop in other tribal villages such as Ta Van Village, Ho Village. If you choose to come in autumn, the whole terraced field in Muong Hoa Village will be covered by a golden yellow carpet.
Muong Hoa Valley – Sapa
  1. Ta Phin Village

From Sapa, tourists ride east to Ta Phin Village for a walk around the tribal village. Coming to Ta Phin Village, you are supposed to admire the lively life of Red Dzao people with famous embroidery craft. Even it is considered as a comfortable Sapa trekking route, you could level up its challenges by trekking through many ethnic villages and go further into the residence of local people.

Old church_Ta Phin
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