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by , 07-22-2009 at 08:40 AM (1336 Views)
1. Jerk set -@28kgs 5:00 13reps (3,3,3,2,2)
2. Snatch set-@28kgs 3:00 14/11
3. Pullups -+26lbs 7reps
4. Run - trail 9miles (just over 55 for the week)

Okay - I got to wondering if I could hit CMS numbers at 65kg, while also training for an ultra (50k -50miles). My best shot would be the biathlon. So barebone AKC - money set jerk, money set snatch. Maybe an extra set of jerks later and some swings. We'll see. Maybe I'll thow in LC on occasion to keep it ingrained a bit more.


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