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  1. Training Log: March 22nd, 2006

    by , 03-21-2006 at 11:00 PM
    screwing around workout

    DB incline press
    40, 50, 60, 70, 65, 55, 45

    Free Motion Lift Seated Row
    90, 100, 120, 110, 90, 70

    DB Curl x5
    35, 30, 25, 20, 15
  2. Training Log: March 21st, 2006

    by , 03-20-2006 at 11:00 PM

    Two guys got their blue belts today. Supposedly me and a couple of other guys are going to get stripes really soon. I feel like I deserve stripes. I don't feel as though I deserve a blue belt but I know I am getting closer.
  3. Training Log: March 20th, 2006

    by , 03-19-2006 at 11:00 PM
    screwing around workout

    DB incline press x8
    35, 45, 55, 65, 60, 50, 40

    Free Motion Lift Seated Row
    100, 110, 120, 110, 100, 90

    SLDL 2xDB
    35, 45, 55
  4. Training Log: March 18th, 2006

    by , 03-17-2006 at 11:00 PM
    Had a lackluster day at JB's.

    Went up against and on-again off-again BJJ 165 lb/ white belt who was giving me fits. I could pass his guard but he passed mine as well.

    Gotta remember: Break the grip on the legs with a crooked elbow.
  5. Training Log: March 16th, 2006

    by , 03-15-2006 at 11:00 PM
    BJJ @ JB's

    Went to BJJ where I did fine except for my roll with a bB I had 50 lbs. on (easily). I passed his guard from knees but he regained it from me playing too aggressively for a key lock. Time ended when he was trying to work a triangle in on me. Will have to get him. Tapped everyone else out. Must get back to Carlos' to keep working the no resistance game and the half guard to butterfly guard transition.

    Learned one more transition from the BJ Penn guard ...
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