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Training Log: April 17th, 2006

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by , 04-16-2006 at 11:00 PM (347 Views)
Tried a new thing for the first time: 1-minute sets, with 1-minute breaks. I have never had so much sweat pour out of my pores in 22 minutes! I set the timer on my watch to one minute, and to beep at the halfway point (to switch hands) and to start over at the end of every minute.

(all with the 20-kg)

warm-up with turkish get-ups per side, alternating

(at 1-minute intervals with 1 minute rests)
1-arm clean+presses (30 sec. each arm)
1-arm clean+jerks
1-arm presses only
1-arm jerks only
1-arm swings
1-arm snatches
1-arm cleans only
2-handed swings
snatches (left arm)
snatches (right arm)
1 snatch each arm, with 30-second lockout

It took 22 minutes, and the KB actually seemed to get lighter after the first few sets, but in the end, I have never felt better!


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