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Training Log: June 2nd, 2006

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by , 06-02-2006 at 12:00 AM (646 Views)
I have begun to use my KB regularly. I started a fat loss program and I think it will be good, I was able to finish the first workout without much problems and toward the end my lower back was tightening up. Today I couldn't finish half the workout because my back had tightened up so bad. workout 1 was 3x10 box squats 3x20 2 hand swings 3x8 clean and jerk finished off with 40 onehand swings 20 each. Today all I could do was one set of each. 15 1 hand swing each 10 high snatch pulls each 5 clean and press each. I started the next set but got to my left handed swings and my back was so tight I could only do 7. I my just need to go back a bit and strengthen up the core.


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    Wow, been a long time since that last post. I'm now down about 30 pounds. I had some back problems, as mentioned in that first post, that kept me away from doing regular work. It turns out that I just had really tight hamstrings. Stretching is now a regular part of my workouts.

    I have changed a lot in what my workouts look like. Most of what I do now is complexes. I have played with the Viking Warrior program getting up to 50 sets both times I did it but I tend to lose focus quickly so I never have finished it. It did do wonders to my conditioning though.

    The main complex I do is 5x swings 5x snatch 5x clean/squat press and 5x reverse lunges. I do that 5x with 1 min rest 3 nights per week. I was thinking about when I first started doing this complex (before VW) I would be ready to puke after 1 round. Now I can get through it! Thanks Viking Warrior!!
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