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Adding Swings and TGUs to CC

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by , 01-16-2013 at 09:24 AM (4207 Views)
I've been doing CC for a while now and I decided I wanted to add in swings as a fat burning.

Monday I did Workout #1 from Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing DVD. Here is what I've noticed so far.

1. Hamstrings will need a day to recover, at least for now. Although they felt fine yesterday morning, by the afternoon I could feel them. This morning, I could still feel them, but not sore.

2. Hello Lats! When I went to do my horizontal pulls for my CC workout, I could feel them. I'd say this is the first time I know they were there. Again, not sore, just enough to say hello, we're back here.

3. Reminder to Ego, go away! So, I recently progressed to Step 2 in Pulls for CC. I've been really struggling on the 3rd set. Well, last night I was only able to do 1/2 of what my goal was for the 3rd set. As I was reviewing my log, I kept telling myself that the swings are going to effect my pulls and to just make note of it. But I'm struggling a lot more than the other exercises...

Then it hit me. I did NOT progress by the book, like I did with the first step! I'm not going to go into detail, but I'll just say, I'm starting Step 2 over on the pulls. I'm going to focus on doing the progressions by the book and not try to rush into things, like trying to do 3 sets, when I've not met 2x20...

4. TUGs - Very wobbly and not smooth. Again, CHECK EGO AT DOOR!!! I skipped the mastery steps that Pavel lays out in ETK. Reread the section and going back to step one of TGUs in ETK. If I add them in at all...

I'm debating not doing TGUs at this point. The main reason why I got a KB was to do swings to burn fat. Just because I have one, doesn't mean I need to do TGUs with CC.

My main goal is to loose the extra fat I'm carrying and get stronger than I am now. CC and swings alone should do this. Why should I even add in TGUs?

Anyway, there are my thoughts on adding Swings and TGUs to CC.

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    I think you should totally add in TGUs, they are an amazing workout. I a waiting for my CC book to come in and your blog is helping me plan my upcoming workouts, for that I thank you.
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