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Training Log: Goals and Schedule

I've been working with KBs since June 09. This is my 1st attempt at keeping a public log.
I'll turn 50 years young in Dec. however I feel and act half my age. In fact I'm looking forward to turning 50. I like to see their jaws drop when I tell someone my age. I'm not over weight, however, I'm not overly strong either, hence my desire to use kb's.
I'm 5'8" tall and I weigh 160 lbs
I've been using ETK and a 16kg bell since June. I like the PM because of its simplicity. 2 exercises and yet I feel stronger now then in any other time of life. In June I couldn't do one pull up even kipping. Now I can do 8 strict hanging pull ups. 6 dips which before I couldn't do one.
So my goals are to continue with the PM to and even pass the 48kg bell for swings and TGU.
Now I have a problem, because I would like to at some time in my life take the RKC, I will need to work on doing 100 snatches in 5 mins. I also need to work on C&P and be able tp press half my body wight.
So this is the schedule that I have come up with.
Monday: Heavy swings 45# 10-20 sets 30s work/30s rest

Tuesday: Light TGU 20 mins 16kg alt sides

Wednesday:** Snatches, a modified version of David Whitley's "How to improve your Secret Service Snatch Test score". More on this in another post.

Thursday: Heavy TGU 5 mins alt sides 45#

Friday: Light swings 16kg 10-20 sets 60s work/60s rest

Saturday: C&P start with 16kg 3-5 ladders x 3-5 rungs

On each day I'll give you more info how how I plan to increase the weight.

My goals are as planned:
1: snatch 100 reps in 5 mins, and 200 reps in 10 mins with a 24kg bell
2: Press half my bw on both LnR sides, as of now that would be 80#
3: attend and pass a RKC
4: work up to and surpass using a 48kg bell for my 2 handed swings
5: preform at least 1 TGU using 48kg bell

I hope my goals aren't too far out of reach.

Till we meet again
Jimmy Paul (J. Paul )

  1. C & P and Pull ups 10-19-2009

    by , 10-19-2009 at 06:21 PM (Training Log: Goals and Schedule)
    Today worked on C&P and pull ups
    Due to an illness, I haven"t touch a KB in about a week.
    Todays presses were done with a 16kg bell.
    3 ladders of 1- 3 rungs c&p both sides. Felt very easy. will cont with 16 bell thur to 5x 1-5.
    Pull ups
    Followed the ladder structure as in the c&p
    did 3 ladders of 1-3 rungs for a total of 18 pull ups.
    The very last rep was tough but I made it a good clean rep. I tightened my gluts and abds and pulled ...
  2. Snatches Tuesday Oct 7, 2009

    by , 10-07-2009 at 08:50 AM (Training Log: Goals and Schedule)
    I'm using a modified version of Senior RKC David Whitley's article "Improve your secret service snatch test score".
    Instead of 200 snatches., I'm covering 100 snatches to prepare for the RKC snatch test. The date I plan to test I hope will be in late 2010, to mid 2011.

    The Workout using a 16kg bell.
    5 reps R/ 5 reps L x2, rest 60 seconds x 5 sets for 100 snatches. I find that doing 5 reps rather than 10 is easier right now. in a few weeks I will move up to ...
  3. 10-6-2009 light TGU Day

    by , 10-06-2009 at 03:12 PM (Training Log: Goals and Schedule)
    15 minutes TGU alt sides with 16kg bell with a windmill at top of get up. able to do 8 per side
    warm up: halos, naked arm bars, naked windmills
    pump stretches
    warm down: pump stretches

    Felt good, not too tired felt like I could do more
    cont with 16kg next week.
    Jimmy Paul
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