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3/31/09 Tuesday Snatch test practice

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by , 03-31-2009 at 07:55 PM (1511 Views)
ROP on hold for the moment as I get ready for the RKC. After a slightly longer back-off period than I intended, tonight's work was:

Snatching 8 minutes 6L/6R on the minute (skipped the penultimate minute) for a total of 84 reps.

Good news: Continued improvement of per-minute numbers. If I hit 7 next week, I'm basically where I need to be for the RKC, with a lot of time still to improve.

Bad news: conditioning felt like it had dropped signifigantly. Not a big deal, as I know I have time to improve it greatly, and will come back quickly, but stressful.

Worse news: burst blister on left hand through not listening to body and doing at least one more set than I should have because I was determined to hit a specific number (stupid!).


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