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Jeff Steinberg

  1. Training Log: June 22nd, 2013

    by , 06-22-2013 at 09:31 PM
    tire flips ~400, ~500, ~930 x~1.5 hrs

    reverse band cg bench p 135-Greensx5; 225-Greensx5; 275-Greensx5x3
    cg pull-downs 165x2x5

    Comments: Flipping tires again was a bunch of fun. After warming up with the lighter tires a bit, I spent most of the time messing around with the mid-sized tire. I'm still going to need to develop my upper arm and general upper-body strength before I can start flipping the 2 large tires, though (based on model ...
    Training Log
  2. Training Log: June 21st, 2013

    by , 06-22-2013 at 09:15 PM
    snatches 2x[35x7,7; 53x5,5; 70x3,3]
    front squats 155x5x5
    Training Log
  3. Training Log: June 19th, 2013

    by , 06-19-2013 at 10:58 PM
    snatches 35x3,3x20
    front squats 135x5x5
    Training Log
  4. Training Log: June 17th, 2013

    by , 06-18-2013 at 12:27 PM
    tgu 53x3,3; 53x3,3x1
    roll-to-elbow + 1/2 tgu + tgu 70x1,1x5+1+1
    tgu 70x5,5x1
    Bulgarian split squat 95x5,5; 115x5,5; 135x5,5

    Comments: Just giving my spine a bit of a rest.
    Training Log
  5. Training Log: June 16th, 2013

    by , 06-18-2013 at 12:24 PM
    swings 35x10,10
    floor p 70'sx5x5
    Training Log
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