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by , 10-15-2019 at 07:31 AM (102 Views)
When I was much younger, my mother used to tell me a tail about a little town, where scientists lived. The citizens were helping the wise men to maintain their living, and they supplied common people with knowledge in return. I remember her shining eyes when she was telling about the scientific fairs and atmosphere of joy and magic when all people came to the wizard's part of the town. Everyone was excited and some parents left their children to study there.
Now I am studying in the high school but still remember the bright combination of dream and science and use it im my brilliant term papers. Mother encourages me to study properly and get the ability for further academic education. The ability to explore the world, to gain new skills and live together with students reflects the life in the fairy town of my childhood.
Speaking about my current social clock, which is defined by Sharon Linde as the expectation of certain actions from a person in a particular life period, my purpose is to study. Now I am not interested in marriage or holding a high position in some company. The best way for me is to gain knowledge and keep my grades on a high level to enter a college. For my future, I need to get and develop some traits of character. Studying in college demands responsibility, firmness, and self-discipline. Moreover, the community of teachers and peers requires broad communicative skills to speak about yourself and your needs. I inherited the power of optimistic view of life from my mother and purposeful behaviour from my father. These qualities will help me in my future if Il keep going my way. Of course, sometimes I am irresponsible or lazy and have lack of initiative, but I believe that a person with a dream has enough power to withstand the obstacles on the way.
To become successful, I have to learn how to control my mood and behaviour within surrounding. Theory of primary control refers to the external world and challenges, as well as relations with others for personal benefit. Secondary control aims to focus on inner nature processes and to maintain self comfort. Recently I got into a situation when I had to defend my innocence. I took a biological journal in the library, and after I had studied it, I gave it to my classmate. When it was time to return the publication, the librarian noticed that some pages were torn and spotted. She pointed at them and said that I should return the property without any damages. Firstly, I was surprised, then ashamed and, finally, angry on my peer for the harm concealment. After I calmed myself down, I showed him pages and demanded explanations. After a while, he discovered that it was the fault of his little sister and gave me money for the journal compensation. This situation taught us a lot: I found that firs I have to evaluate a situation objectively and then act. My mate from then keeps his school books and supplies in a safe place. Likewise, it can be an example of adult relationships in the maintenance of emotional balance and recovering from disappointing situations.
My family also can be a good example of mature relationships. My mother as a primary school teacher ought to have strong nerves and light temper. My father gets rather tough at times after work and bothers her with captious objections towards every days things. Thus, if he starts giving orders about the placement of kitchen stuff, my mother calmly and quietly goes to another room and after a while they are talking about father's anxiety. In this way, the encouragement, patience and optimistic view of life help to overcome any difficulties.
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