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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

10/06 Lower back strain and Z-Health therapy

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by , 10-20-2009 at 06:02 PM (404 Views)
10/06/2009 felt a strain in the right lumbar region of my back during KB swings, sharp and confined to a very small area. I stretched it out and finished a partial workout. 10/07 off, 10/08 grind day, 10/09 ballistics day. 10/09 felt it again, cut off my workout early.

10/09-10/16 I had a scheduled 7th wk off, so I dedicated the time to stretching and massaging the back injury. Didn't work. Pain level was up and down, aggravated by bending forward or rounded postures in chairs, in bed, anywhere. 10/16 was the worst. While brushing my teeth, I leaned over the sink to spit and nearly fell into it when my back refused to support me.

10/16 Contacted my friends at Condition Gym and got a Z-Health appointment for that night with Katie Bigelow. She evaluated several conditions around a crash in which I was knocked out, had surgery and a long rehab, and had scars and metal implants.
R-Phase assignments:[/B]
Ankle Lateral tilts
Thoracic A/P glides
Shoulder circles (all 6)
Sub-clavicular neural massage
"Straw breathing" exercises
Femoral Nerve glides
all with a fixed eye position determined during my eval and relevant to my position during the crash

These were not new to me. I've actually done shoulder and hip circles nightly for some time already. I've added hip pendulums to this when I can do them properly, but the rotation provokes a pinch in my left hip at times.

My lumbar pain is quiet unless provoked. My hips are painfully stiff after guarding my lower back for two weeks, but I expected that. I've got a pinch in one hip that might be Piriformis, but I'm making some progress with it.

I've long included pumps, "Brettzels", and other stretches at night to open up before sleeping. They've been limited the last week, but improving through the weekend. Tonight I used some squats, Tactical Frog Stretches, and a few weighted lunges to open my hips for the first time. It feels great. I wish I had a foam roll.

The Z work is supposed to be done pain-free so the body can accept each position as natural. A good measure of the relief I've gotten is that I can move some of these injured pieces gradually until I begin to feel pain and hold there until the reflex calms and stretches out. Last week there was no such margin for error. Big improvement.


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