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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 11/02

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by , 11-03-2009 at 05:11 AM (1024 Views)
R-phase neural warmup
10 wall squats
10 pumps (low on return)

5min TGU alt @16kg
10 Russian twists @16kg

2x @16kg

[LIST][*]5 Tactical lunges ea[*] SL standing 4-way floor touch (unloaded)[*]5 SLDL ea[*] 10 2h sw, 5 1h sw ea[/LIST]
2x 5 C&P + single-rack squats ea @12kg

cool down and stretch

Left press and rack squat will improve with practice. Rack squat is weak when elbow is flared out. Pulled in under the scapula, that tension almost disappears. Still pressing too far out to the side, but getting stronger. Start repping those cleanly and frequently.


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    I'm looking this over in light of RoP, even the Shoulder Shock routine. I think some of my activities are redundant. I've got a clear deficiency in my left shoulder, and the rehab of my leg has nearly run its course. I'm fixing a pelvic/lumbar thing, so a season of squats instead of DLs. The hip drive is covered with swings. I can see this trimming down a good bit.

    R-phase warmup, wall squats, halos, pumps, SL 4-ways
    16kg TGUs, even bottom-up 12kg TGUs for grip and tension
    alt sets of 16kg swings and rack squats
    12kg C&P ladders, maybe even Shoulder Shock

    Maybe alternate swing and press days. That's warmup, grind and grip, ballistic lifts, squats, and high presses. Hips, shoulders, hands, back... yeah, I like this better.
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