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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training log 11/05

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by , 11-05-2009 at 04:14 PM (450 Views)
Eliminating some redundant movements from my routine. RoP is C&P and snatches. I need some left shoulder work and additional strength to start snatching. Consider this a modified RoP cycle with a "Shoulder Shock" protocol.

M and Th, TGUs and swings at 16kg
Tu and F, BU TGUs and C&P at 12kg

R-phase neural warm-up, wall squats, halos
5min alt TGU
3 sets:
10 2h SW, 5 1h SW, 5 front squats in rack
SL 4-way touches and 10 pumps between sets
cool down and stretch

P.S. About 45min including warm up and cool down. Surprised how smoked I was after the new swing rotation at heavier weight.

SS protocol adds a set of 3 C&P each day, so add 5 1hSW ea. By the end of wk 3, that will make 3x(10 2h SW, 30 1h SW ea), 120 total swings per session. That's 3-4 min of swings. 60 1h SW ea by the end of the cycle. Either I'll get conditioned, or I won't.

Hi-rep squats can be abrasive on knees, so I need to up the ante on resistance. My leg rehab goal is pistols, not 180 front squats. I can add a 10lb DB, then 25lb KB, then go for pistols.


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