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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 01/26/2010, swings + pullups = win

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by , 01-26-2010 at 03:42 AM (958 Views)
01/25/2010 Press Day @16kg
warmup as usual
TGU: 12min alt 2ea
C&P: 2x (3-rung + 3 pullups)
Snatch: 3x (5/5 + 2 pullups)

I love get-ups, but my left wrist is struggling with 2 consecutive reps. Also still feel like I'm prying up with my elbow instead of rolling onto it. Not smooth yet. Snatches went well, but my grip will be an issue. I don't have the hooks to "catch" on the way down, so there's a lot of friction.

01/26/2010 Swing day @16kg
warmup as usual
Pullups: 14 x 2 between swings
Swings: 8 x (16 2H + 2 pullups), 6 x (10 1H + 2 pullups)

200 swings @16kg. Last week's faster 16kg swings were a strain on my grip, almost painful at the end. Not today's. The left hand is recovering but not 100%. Completed 3 1H sets on the left before the fatigue transmitted into the back; no such problem on the right. Short sets, lots of them, grip practice from different angles, elbow and wrist mobility.

The pullup combo works. I can officially "do x2 until I'm bored", so it's time to up the density to x3. Have a long-set test scheduled for later this week. There is a difference for me between 14x2 and 1x7, and I haven't yet deciphered it.


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