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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 11/21-11/27 "Fatigue Cycle #2"

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by , 11-28-2010 at 05:38 PM (532 Views)
[B](Done Saturday 11/20) 16kg Volume Session[/B]
Changed long ladders to straight sets. After all, ladders are a device to minimize fatigue, and this is the fatigue cycle.

[B]wall squats, halos, windmills
- try 5 of each
LC 6/6@3:00 + 5x5/5 Tact Lunges
LC 8/8@4:00 + 3x40+ Jackknife SQ
LC 10/10 @5:00 + mobility work
- = 120LCCP/1hr + leg work
120 LC CP timed sets, JK SQ Prog met!!! This CP routine was perfect. Do it again until I quit leaning away on the left during 10s. There's some extra rest time.

Can not believe I made the prog std for jackknife squats. Simply cannot believe it. I've done 3x30 for weeks now. Something about this session, I just put it out of my mind and kept squatting. I needed to be away and make the numbers in however long it took. It was mentally brutal, but not physically. I am not injured, and I could do it again.

11/22 snatch practice
stretch, SLDL, GSQ
SW: 5 x 10/10
SN: 2 x 5/5, 2 x 10/10
CC Supported SQ: 30, 30
11/23 20kg HS
wall squats, halos, TGU 2x1/1
LCCP: 123,33,33,33,6 (5x3r)
Hor row on TRX: 30 30 30 on straps
- 5 x 3r done!
GSQ: 3x5
SW: 100, grip fried.
L brachial nerve pain. Massage and monitor.
11/24 20kg practice work
TGU: 2x1/1
SW: 5x20
Inc Pushups: 40, 40, 40 (Prog std)
Knee tucks: 30
11/25 16kg Get-up and Snatch day
TGU: 5x1/1
SN: 1SN + 1 breath, 1min timed sets each arm.
4/breath 20R/14L grip dead
** should have stopped at 15/15, did not
2 x 5/5 untimed, palm blistered, not breaking elbow, need palm diagonal instead of saggital.
Total 124 SN
Bridging, incl CC straight 10, 10
11/26 CC
Inc Pushups: 40, 40, 40
Supported SQ: 30, 30, 30
Funny how when the really awkward jackknife squats were behind me, the actual standing-up squats were easy. Move up pushups and squats, work on knee tucks, jackknife pullups, and bridges.


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