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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 12/12/2010-12/18-2010 Recovery

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by , 12-16-2010 at 05:36 PM (556 Views)
Planned this as a recovery. First, I did a little 24kg work last Tuesday on a whim,.so-so in quality. That was wk 4 of the Fatigue mesocycle, and I definitely needed a recovery. Then, I assisted at an HKC on Saturday the 11th, which was 9hrs of standing and squatting and being on my feet. I came out of that stiff in the legs and hips but with a certain friskiness. I pressed 20kg, then 24kg, both of which felt great on each arm. I pressed 28kg on the right for the first time ever. Big PR!

Now I can take a week off. Shoulder got sore from the lift. My right leg needed stretching, maintenance, and rolling. It actually cramped on me throughout the day Sunday.

Full squats: 30,30 (2nd PS)
Straight bridges: 20,20,20

[/B] [B]12/14
Full Squats: 30, 30, 30 (3rd PS)
Flat bent leg raises: 15
Straight bridges: 20,20
The Straight Bridge work sets pinched off the radial nerve in my left arm. My hand went numb for nearly 24hrs. This is not usual, not good. Add arm bars, stretching and hanging, and some light KB volume on Thursday. Something about the internal rotation AND extension of the shoulder, it's like I pinched my armpit and put the whole arm to sleep. Work on that.

[B] 12/16 CC and light KB workout
Kneeling pushups: 15,15
Flat bent leg raises: 20,20
Close squats: 20,20

stretch, halos, TGU 5min alt sides
pullup: 3 + :15 hang, x3
SW: 5x20/20+:30, = 200/7:30
SN: practice. Feel it out.
5/5/5/5 x x
10/10 x x
1min/1min 15/15, :45 ea
= 110 A little clunky, but not bad. Face was good. Could not grip 20/20. Maybe from swings and pullups, but did well.
Have overslept and still woke up tired every day this week. Something's not quite right. Did 2 sets CC pushups, squats, and leg raises at lunch with good form and energy leftover. Mild tingling in left hand still.

-- rest and stretch the remainder
Thinking a LOT about what to do after the PTP! program. I've been pressing forever. I'm laddering 20kg, short setting 24kg, and I got 1 rep at 28kg. Those are all progress, and I'm only halfway through. I'm impatient to do some GS focus and some short-heavy work again, maybe a KB Muscle approach to the Density Block. The 2x16 work would also require stricter posture and stronger shoulders.

[B]Density Block[/B]
VS = pullups, 2x16 LC CP 6/min x [I]n[/I] + rest. 2x16 squats and carries
HS = pullups, 20kg get-ups, SC(?) CP 4-rung ladders, swings
SN = pullups, 16kg get-ups, snatches and snatch drills

[B]Intensity Block[/B]
VS = pullups, 20kg get-ups, LC(?) CP 4-rung ladders, swings
HS = pullups, 24kg get-ups, CP starter sets, swings, squats
SN = pullups, 16kg and 20kg get-ups, snatches and snatch drills


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