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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 12/18-12/24 "Density Cycle #1"

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by , 12-26-2010 at 12:36 PM (556 Views)
KB Muscle advocates double-bell complexes for density. I'm interested in Long Cycle, so trying out LC CP for volume work. May adjust mid-week.

[I] 2x16 LCCP, set baseline, something like
[/I][I]Reps on :10 marks (12 reps = 2 1min sets)[/I] [I]
12+2:00 rest, 12+1:30, 12+1:00, 12+:30, 12+end = 60/15:00 with escalating density
Rest, repeat. = 120/30:00 timed. More of a ladder design, and it trains "finishing hard" in timed sets.


6/min,6/min 2:00 x2 = 24/8:00
6/min,6/min 1:30 x2 [/I][I]= [/I][I]24/7:00
6/min,6/min 1:00 x2 [/I][I]= [/I][I]24/6:00
6/min,6/min 0:30 x2 [/I][I]= [/I][I]24/5:00
6/min,6/min end x2 [/I][I]= [/I][I]24/4:00
= 120/30:00 timed
[/I][INDENT][I]Note: WKC rank III is 49/10min. Last two sets is 48/9:30 if I keep the bells up. Curious to see how this works. [/I][I]Either arrangement is more dense than last month, 120/50:00. Second arrangement more typical "escalating density training". First arrangement more competition style.[/I][/INDENT]VS = pullups, 2x16 LC CP 6/min x n + rest. 2x16 squats and carries
HS = pullups, 20kg get-ups, SC(?) CP 4-rung ladders, swings
SN = pullups, 16kg get-ups, snatches and snatch drills

12/18 16kg VS
stretch, halos, windmills
Jackknife pulls: 2x10
Close squats: 2x20 (2nd PS)
2x16 LCCP attempted, finished two sets. Completed the volume 1x16.
6/6 + 2:00 rest
6/6 + 1:30
6/6 + 1:00
6/6 + 0:30
6/6 end
= 60/15:00 approx, done twice (120/35min)
SW: 2x16, 20, 10, 20
2x16 swings were TOUGH on the legs. Stiff for some days after. I need to start with 2x16 SW if I'm going to attempt LC. 6/6 in 1:00 was tight.

Dbl SW and Dbl CL independent of press schedule. Attempt again later at 3-4/min x 3 + 1min (120/40min or more).

12/19 football break
20kg GSQ: 5
20kg SQ: 20 2H, 10/10 1H, 20/20 1H, 10/10 CL (count them) = 100

12/20 16kg snatch practice
stretch first, TGU 2/2
- focus on form
SW: 3x20, 2x10/10 releases
SN: 1 + breathe, :30 alt sides
= 5 sets each side, 57 reps total

12/21 20kg HS
stretch, wall squats, halos
TGU: 3/3 alternating
Jackknife pulls: 2 x 10
LCCP: 1+2+3+4
GSQ: 10
- 3 circuits

SW: 20, 10/10, 20, 10/10, 20
The 3rd set of 4 was rough, probably wasted the third ladder entirely. Not quite rested. Not sure if get-ups and pulls cost me some reps. Get-ups felt GOOD. Focusing on packing the shoulder down instead of bracing it up, trying to level out my stance for doubles.

Right cleans are silent, absolutely on rails. Left cleans take more pull to get there and land with a thunk. Need to work on that; undoubtedly related to my press posture. Still leaning away from left presses, which is a fear response. Need to work through this.
12/24 16kg Get-Ups and Snatches
wall squats, halos x
TGU: 5min alt x
SW: 100 mixed 20,10/10/10/10,
SN: 5/5 ,10/10
:60/:60 vid 18R/16L
10/10,10/10 felt ok
5/5 started, ripped hand at 3/0
Snatch total = 104 with dignity[/B]

Need to READ my notes. Planned :30/:30, did :60/:60. I knew after 2 x 10/10 that my hand was tender, but I wanted short sets. Wore myself out and tore a callus. The stupid, it hurts.


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