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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 12/26-01/01 Training "Density #2"

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by , 01-01-2011 at 01:50 PM (485 Views)
[B]12/26 16kg VS
wall squats, halos, windmills 5/5
straight bridges: few
Jackknife pulls: 2x10 o u
Close squats: 20,20

Basic C&P 5/5. S
alternate 1 DCL + 5 alt MP. D
- 2 circuits, first one D, second one S
4x 5 + 1:00
4x 5 + :40
4x 5 + :20
= 60 d/25 min, 60 s/21 min
- 120/46min

DSW: 5 x 10 done solidly[/B]

I'm really interested in training doubles, but doubles is a whole new exercise for me, not a continuation of singles. One circuit of see-saw almost "worked" in this setting. It would be a better match during Intensity: 20kg VS, 2x16 LC HS with SW. I need to quit screwing around and do LC singles in this block, even though 2x16 swings are growing on me.

[B]12/27 morning CC, evening snatch practice
Kn Pushups: 20,20...20 late
Uneven SQ: 5/5, do not like at all
Flat Bent LR: 20,20...20 late
Straight BR: 10,10...10 late
12kg SN: 30/30, 20/20
12kg Jerk: 5/5, just to feel them out.[/B]

I do not have an ideal body structure for jerks, that's for sure.

[B]12/28 20kg HS
stretch, halos, TGU 3/3
JK Pulls: 10, 10, 10 (last set strongest)
LCCP: 1+2+3+4 (single clean)
GSQ: 10
- 3 sets, pretty good
SW: 160, grip failing.[/B]

Woke with crick in R shoulder. Okay through 2 MP ladders, then a little noisy. 3rd pulls after 2nd MP ladder, felt strong. Grip failed in last 10 SW, waste of time.

[I]Ed note: front of R shoulder remained sore for 48hrs. Rest and mobility.[/I]

[B]12/29 Scott's gym
12kg SN: 10/10, 30/30 3:00, 10/10
16kg: 5/5 and a few stray reps
= 1360kg

12kg jerks
30/30 @3:00, a few stray reps at 12kg and 16kg
Learned more about the snatch in 10min than in a year. Hate my Muscledriver bells now. Apparently, I have a pretty good jerk. My short humerus to torso ratio makes it hard to anchor on my Iliac crest, but my flared ribs are a natural support. Who knew?

[B]12/30 Calisthenics and swings[/B][B]
Half OLS: 5/5, later 2 x 5/5
KN Pushups: 20, later 2 x 20
Straight Bridges: 15, later 2 x 20
20kg SW: 2 x 40/:60, 4 x 20/:30
= total 160 (3200kg)
My new commitment is 3200kg ballistics, clean, swing, or snatch. If I dedicate a day to LC or BW, I may not get any swings at all. Just the PTP! volume session done long cycle is 120 x 2 x 16kg = 3840kg in cleans, so I may seriously cut swings off that day and end a little fresher. LCCP and squats, done; I like it.

Hated "uneven squats" with the heel sliding around, though learning to stabilize on the anchor foot is probably really good for me. Did Half One Legged Squats this week in protest.

Thu pm to Sat am is 36hrs off. Do VS either Sat am or Sun afternoon. In either case, it'll be on the next post.

[B]12/31 CC and WKC protocol
12kg arm bar and get-up, stretch well
FBLR: 30, 30, 30 (1st PS)
St BR: 30, 30, 30 (some wrist irritation)
PLUP and Half SQ: 1+2+3+4 alternating!
WKC Level 3: 1:00L, 1:00R, 1:00rest, two circuits
SN (12-16rpm): 20/20, 16/16, 20/20
OAJ (4-16rpm): 20/20 PP, 18/18 J
OALC (4-10rpm): 12/13, 16/16
Look into my pacing and breathing. I'm doing a rep or a position every breath, which is not sustainable. Probably WKC #7 next, :90/:90/:60. Need to slow my pace down on purpose.

Going to Elwood's. Taking Saturday off. See you in the New Year.

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