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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 01/01-01/07 "Density #3"

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by , 01-08-2011 at 04:12 PM (512 Views)
[B]01/02 morning 16kg VS
wall squats, halos, windmills x
Jackknife pulls: 15,15 (ugly)
FSQ: 2 x5/5

LCCP 120/120 < 45min, 3840kg ballistics[/B][B]
- Timed sets today.
5rpm x2m +1m x6 = 60r/18m = 120r/36m
(One set of 10+10/2min, not sustainable on L yet.)
5 Hor Leg Raises to parallel!
Stretch out and cool down.[/B]

Fatigued. Did set the bell down between sets. Still opening the left side too much, but oddly finished stronger on the left. Takes :50 work per 5+5 set. Almost as dense as I can make this. Can't sustain more than 5rpm LC, already resting only 33%. Maybe 5rpm x 4m + 1m = 20r/5m = 120r/30m. Easier SC than LC.

Adapt this to timed sets for OAJ. 2:00 + 1:00 x 4 for density instead of fatigue.

6rpm x 2:00 + 1:00 x 10 = 120r/30m with no rest.

[B]01/03 12kg WKC protocol
Focus on steady rpm.
Level 3 Basic: 1L, 1R, 1rest, in a row, timed 9:00.
SN 12-16rpm: 12,12
OAPP 4-16rpm: 12,12
OACJ 4-10rpm: 12,12[/B]
Two circuits, fairly stable pace. 12kg might be light for me.
Kneeling pushups: 30,30 am, 30 pm (2nd PS)
FBLR: 30,30 am, 30 pm (2nd PS)
Half SQ: 5,5 am, 5 pm

[B]01/04 20kg HS. Strength, not stamina.
[I]Up and down all night sick. Work carefully[/I]
stretch, halos, TGU 2/2
Pullups, 3 short sets: 3,4,3
- 4 strong. SC, take your time.
2HSW: 2x20
SCCP: 4-rung
GSQ: 5
- completed 2 am
Rough, not healthy. Showered and back to bed. Up lunch to 5:30, felt frisky.

1HSW: 10/10, 10/10
SCCP: 4-rung
GSQ: 5
- 2 more sets

20kg SN: 3/3. heavy, slick, but done safely
16kg SN: 5/5, 5/5
16kg J: 10/10
16kg OALC: 10/10 on video
Notes: rest made all the difference. Even L presses were more squared forward. I can do 16kg WKC. Start snatching 20kg in small sets. Retire the 12kg to therapy duty.

[B]01/06 16kg TGU and Snatches
wall SQ, halos
TGU: 5min with drills
WKC #3@once natural, once slow
= 56 total SN, but well paced[/B]
Hardstyle snatches stretched my calluses and popped my wrist immediately. GS was painless but stretched the skin when chalked. Once I got on pace, 10/10 was effortless. If anything, I need to work back UP to speed, but work this for time first.

[B]01/07 WKC L6 :90/:90/:90
get-ups and arm bars each side
10/10 snatches in warmup, slow
12rpm,12rpm (tough),6rpm[/B]

Not bad. Honestly, my 2nd dip and elbow-knee lockout sequence is really amateurish. Need to practice that more. Keeping time in OAJ is rough when my dips and breathing are not in sync.

CC 2nd Prog Stds in Kneeling pushups and Flat bent leg raises


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