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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 01/08-01/14 Density #4

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by , 01-15-2011 at 03:10 PM (487 Views)
[B]01/08 16kg VS[/B]
[B][I]Still have cold. Work dense until timing fails, not less dense until routine ends. Skip JKP if too much.[/I]
wall squats, halos, windmills x
JK pulls: 3 sets 15o,10u,10trx

- 6 Timed sets, all LC. Free-form the rest periods.
5+5/2:00 +1:00 x 6
10:25 xx xx xx xx 10/10 10:37:30
10:39 xx xx xx xx 10/10 10:52:00
- amazing. 120+120/27min. :30-:45 every break.
Stretch out and cool down.[/B]

Notes: = 120r/27min. Felt remarkably good, especially for sick. This was an amazing PR in sustained work capacity. I'd put this up there with the day I did 600 16kg swings/30min or 40x8 12kg snatches any day.
[/I] [I][B]01/10 BWE
Half pushups: 2x15, 2x10
Half SQ by habit: +8kg 3/3, 5/5 naked
FFLR: 2x10, 2x10
Notes: 06:30 RFC and 24kg session Tuesday. WKC work skipped today.

[B]01/11 HS 24kg test
Lost 3hrs sleep.
stretch, halos, TGU 2/2
Pullups: 3 short sets (hold)
MP: 16kgx3, 20kgx3. 24kg, Dammit. L even weaker. 5R/2L.
SW: 2x15 x
MP: 1+2+3 Scratch. Singles only on L.
GSQ: 5 x
Notes: (sick, not rested)[B]
PM sesson:
CP 20kg 3/3, 3/3
CP 24kg 2x1/1

01/12 Pullups and Squats
Lots of slow close sq. No pulls. Not well.[/B]

[B]01/13 16kg TGU and SN pm
wall SQ, halos
JK pulls, 2 sets: 10, 10
TGU: 5min each side 5L, 5R
SW: 20/20, 10/10
WKC 3 @16,12,10: xxx, xxx
64 SN, 60 SW, 40 CL = 2624kg ballistics
Sun Salutations: 5/5
Brettzels, stretch out
SN total 65 @16kg
Notes: doing a LOT of sun salutes. Getting good ROM in wrists and pushups.

01/14 Handstand Pushups and Bridges
Sun salutes: 5/5
Headstands: 2x:30 knees-elbows
Straight BR, 3 sets: 20,20,20 wrist tingling.
Add nerve glides + mobility.
A little lifting. 3/3 HK MP 16kg. 3/3 20kg CP.[/B]


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