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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 01/15-01/21 "Recovery" work

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by , 01-24-2011 at 10:48 AM (492 Views)
More sets of calisthenics. Short, defined KB work, either heavy (Program Minimum) or GS skills practice.

[B]01/15 Sat 24kg PM
TGU 5min alt: 3/3
Pullups: 5,5,5,5 !
Half Pushups: 15,15,15
FFLR: 25,25,25 (1st PS)
SW: 9x15 x
BWE felt good, even pullups. SW felt heavy on 1H, fine on 2H. Add cleans. A little sore later; pullups were much. L hand unsteady in TGU. Work on that long overdue.

Note: every blog I read trains 2-3 exercises a day. I'm working out, 5 heavy things today. Don't continue that. May take headstands and straight bridges out of long-set rotation until I can get balance and numbness issues practiced out in short sets.

[B]01/16 Sun stretching
Practiced 3/3 pistols. Stretching. Seated, stack feet heel on toe to work hip flexors. Ache a little all over.[/B]

[B]01/17 Mon
AM sun salutes, hip stretches, 3 :45 close sq
PM 16kg WKC 7
Pulls: (done Saturday)
Slow close SQ: 5 @:45
:90,:60@12SN, 12J, 6LC
1 good GS set. Rushed SN a bit. Felt good. 1-2 breaths between reps, so pump up the volume.

[B]0/18 Tue 24kg PM
TGU 5min alt: 4/4
Cleans: 2 x 5/5
SW: 8x15[/B]

1HSW ended rough on the grip. Got my 3200kg in. Sore later in obliques on L side. L elbow is shaky. TGU support is not symmetrical, and I'm accommodating upstream. Work on that.

Think about splitting this up into block scheduling. Heavy get-ups and very short 20kg GS work for 2wks, slow get-ups and extended 16kg GS work for 2wks.

[B]01/19 PM BWE
Half Pushups: 2 x 25 (1st PS)
FFLR: 3 x 25[/B]

[B]01/20 Thu 16kg WKC 7
:90,:60@15SN, 15J, 10LC
1 set, smoked. Disaccustomed to a.m. workouts or not breathing right. Breathing was off on the left side a bit. Catching the bell almost outside the shoulder. Work on that.[/B]

Itching for a p.m. set
[B]12kg SN 30/30 1:30 R, 2:00 L
12kg J 56R/2:00, 35L/:90[/B]
L shoulder ached. Motion was as directly overhead as I could manage, but the L side required tension to stay there. It was stable but tired. This was my first "low-weight fatigue" test.

[B]01/21 Fri BWE (skipped)[/B]
On call overnight. R knee is SORE. Could not passively flex it in the a.m. Loose by lunch, but still hurt under load.


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