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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 01/22-01/28 "Recovery work"

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by , 01-25-2011 at 07:47 AM (577 Views)
[B]01/22 Sat BWE
Sun salutations: 5/5 to warm up (liking these)
Half Pushups: 25, 25 (2nd PS)
FSLR: 20,20 (1st time, 1st PS)
Right squats: Slow-close SQ 5,5, HSQ 5
Left SQ: HSQ 5,5,5[/B]

Have found an adaptation for my right squats, floating the left foot in a slow-close position.

[B]01/23 20kg PM
JK Pulls: 15, 3x5, 15x1
TGU: 5/5 alternating
Cleans: 2 x 10 each
a few MPs and jerks, easy at this weight
Half SQ: 5, 5 on each leg
SW: 6x20[/B]

CL + SW = [B]3200kg ballistics[/B]
felt good

[B]01/24 Mon 6pm @ ATL BB and KB Club[/B]
some calisthenics and an unknown number of snatches, cleans, and jerks over about 1:30. Left pleasantly sore with a new sport training plan.

Current program is specific strength work for shoulders and hips (24kg swings and get-ups), limited calisthenics (pullups, squats, torso), and GS work. Almost no pressing, very limited pushups. The sport training plan will involve 3 different bells a day and an hour of work, not counting calisthenics. Either the venue will change, or I'll be carrying more bells every morning.

Made a commitment to do 24kg PM, pullups and squats for 2wks to a month to recover and rebuild after my long press season. Finish this week out, maybe longer. Find a workable mix of goals and recommendations.

[I][B]01/26 Wed RKC Program Minimum
[/B]Working most of 1-7am, rest of the day off. Get rested, do 24kg swings and get-ups.
[B]Sun salutations: 5/5 to warm up
joints, palm-up Child's pose, stretch
[/B][B]TGU: 5/5 alt
Cleans: 3 x 5/5
Swings: 5-6 x 20

[B]01/28 Thu WKC #8
[/B][B]Sun salutations: 5/5 to warm up
[/B][B]joints, palm-up Child's pose, stretch
[/B][B]Jackknife Pullups: 4 x 8
Parallel Pistols: 4 x 5ea
:90ea work, :30rest, @15SN, 15OAJ, 10OALC
[B]01/29 Fri BWE or rest
[/B][B]Sun salutations: 5/5 to warm up[/B]
[/I][B][I]joints, palm-up Child's pose, stretch
maybe belay pushups for a while. Sun Sals are doing the job.
Front straight leg raises: 2 x 20
Straight bridges, externally rotated: x20
Half Pistols and off-center Close Squats:[/I]


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