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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 01/30-02/04 KB Sport Training

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by , 01-29-2011 at 11:13 AM (1360 Views)
Beginning a season of GS training. Program prepared by a local coach had 5-6 days of both main sets and supplementary heavy-bell work. I have a history of 4-day tolerance and recovery, so I laid out Sat/Tue main sets and Sun/Thu supplementary for the first few weeks. Beginning today after a back-off week.

01/29 2x16kg GS + BWE
Warm up: 5/5 sun salutations, joint mobility, close-grip hang stretch
JK pulls 4x8 (close, overhand, close, close)
2x16 SQ 2x10
Jerk 5:00@6rpm... FAIL.
OAJ 3:00ea @6rpm
SN tried 6:00@12rpm, finished L 1:15, R 1:30. tried @10rpm, L 1:00, R 1:00. Total = 25L, 28R, 848kg. Calluses pulled with chalk, grip slipped without it.
Db alternating SW/CL x10 = 3200kg
Holding CL 2s in the rack is a GOOD addition.[/B]

Good news. The jackknife pulls and double front squats were surprisingly good. The double swings and cleans to end were likewise good, and a noticeable change of pace from swinging a single bell for time.

Now then. Jerks need work, much of which is already in the Supplementary/Heavy plan. Snatch petered out after 1min, which disappointed me. Did 1:30 and 2:00 last week. May have been the pullups beforehand. May move those to the Supplementary day and just hang stretch on jerk days.

Dbl cleans and time in the dbl rack, stronger bump and squats, OVERHEAD FIXATION with one and two bells. 2x16kg swings and 24kg 1H swings on alternating days will be great heavy swing work. Got over 4000kg ballistics today. My L arm alignment is already improving. That is great news, a year overdue.

[B]01/30 20kg Supplementary work
warm up and stretch (legs tight)
Pullups 3 OH, CL, OH, CL
OAJ + 2sec hold 20, then [URL=""]10 on video[/URL]
SW 1H 30, 25, both on video[/B]

Did not have much problem doing pullups and swings. Chalk became an irritant more than I expected for just swings. Exhaling on the eccentric makes my back feel flexed and "soft", but video shows my posture was good. Not sure yet how I feel about anatomical breathing for this work. It is not yet shown to help me.

Did first 20 OAJ with the iPhone back camera instead of front. Genius. Bell on the right side moves straight up a line of a wall behind me. Bell on the left side moves inward from over the heel to between the hips. I'm visibly leaning right.

[URL=""]YouTube - 01/30 one-armed jerk, 20kg KB[/URL]

Significant pressure fatigue on heel of the hand. Did not expect that. WHEN I execute the double dip properly, with a heavier bell, I do not have trouble bouncing around on my left arm. I CAN jerk. It's becoming a question of alignment.

[B]02/01 2x16kg GS + BWE
Warm up, close chinup stretches
Half SQ 3x5
Jerk 6:00 @6rpm (rushed 10rpm, 3:30R / 3:12L)
SN 4:00 @12rpm (rushed 17,15 ; 12,6 L 1:30)
GS SW 30/30
I'm starting too fast every time. Jerks should be a pretty natural rhythm for me, too. I lasted 3+min @10rpm on each side, but 6rpm would have given me more time to settle elbow to hip. That's never quite right at this weight. Maybe give up watching the clock and play a :10/:10 swing timer. Definitely work on segmented bumps from knees, toes, and chest.

New pro grade bells are on the road. Psyched; hating these MD handles lately. The get-up and press well, but I can't snatch them beyond 1:30L straight, with or without chalk. Do not remember that being such a problem at the gym.

02/03 20kg Supplementary work
First session with my new pro-grade bell.
TGU: 1/1
Jackknife pulls: 3 sets of 12, done beginning, after jerks, after snatches
OALC + 2sec hold: 1m ea @10rpm, 1m rest, 3 sets
Test 5/5 SN: 2 sets
1H SW: 30[/B][B]ea
Totals = 1600kg ballistics, 1200kg jerks
I am just about done with jackknife pulls. They have never "felt right", and I've been at them since 12/05. No longer making any progress because of wrist/nerve irritation. I did 4 sets of 5 pullups a few days ago. Move on.

The pro bells have a really rough tack on the body, but smooth handles. One 16kg has obvious buff marks under the handle. The cleanest, most uniform one of the bunch is the 24kg, which is probably a good thing. Get-ups feel weird. Ballistics feel good.

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