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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 02/05-02/11 KB Sport Training

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by , 02-06-2011 at 05:30 PM (1339 Views)
Program prepared by a local coach had 5-6 days of both main sets and supplementary heavy-bell work. Beginning wk 2 of alternating 2 main days and 2 heavy days. Getting antsy, but feeling this out for tolerance and recovery. OAJ until I can do heavy day with 24kg. Stick with Dbl carries and bumps for practice.

02/05 2x16kg Work sets
[/B][B]Warm up and stretch[/B]
[B]Half SQ: 5,5

OAJ 6:00 @6rpm
Planned 8:00, forgot wrist bands.
SN 4:00 @10rpm

2x16 work:
4 swings + 1 clean + rack and bump + hold @2rpm: 4 sets
Some 2x16 CL and carry. Some 12kg + 8kg LC, 12kg L OAJ.
Total 1280kg ballistics.[/B]

[B]02/06 Main and Supplement sets
Warm up and stretch, 5 Full SQ, 5 FTW "Prisoner" SQ
[/B][B]TGU: 1/1 20kg
[/B][B]Test CC Half Pullups: 10,8
6kg OAJ: 6m @6rpm, L first
16kg SN: 4m @12rpm, L first, natural pace
Made 30L 1:45, 30R 1:45
Wrist, catch at the top, sticky hands.

20kg OALC hold: 5 x 5/5 vid
20kg GS SW: 40/40 vid
Notes: if I can "do" this, then I can do both sets on Sun and some heavy lifting on Sat. 1hr 10min today with a little wasted time. That's manageable. Get it to :50.

[B]02/08 Main and Supplement sets
[/B][B]Warm up and stretch[/B]
[B]20kg TGU: 1/1[/B]
[B] Half SQ: 2x8, 3

[/B] [B]OAJ 6:00 @8rpm
Missed my break, so 10,10,10; 10,10,10.

SN 4:00+ @12-free rpm
15,15; 15,15. Just short of 2:00 each hand.
20kg OAJ 4x5/5
20kg SW 40/40
Notes: OAJ felt good. Left arm getting better. Need fine adjustments on grip, snug up against the horn. Overall improving rapidly.

Snatch is stalled. Cannot get past 30/30 or 2m/2m. Options: long sets with 12kg, 1m/1m with 16kg, multiple sets of swings. Definitely heavy swings and OAJ to rest L shoulder and calluses some. I need more than 30/2m, and I need some successes.

[I]02/10 20kg Supplements
Warm up and stretch
TGU: 2
Half Pullups: @8
[/B][I][B]OAJ + hold: 5 x 5/5
SW: 50

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