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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 02/12-02/18 KB Sport Training

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by , 02-13-2011 at 11:27 AM (1511 Views)
I am right on the edge of "strong enough". 3wks ago, I could barely launch a 2-arm jerk. 2x16kg cleans made me tired. That's not enough basic strength. My legs also have had 2yrs of grind training but no elasticity. Adding jump squats and jerk squats, running, and dead lifts.

[B]02/12 Strong session
Warmup and stretch, squat-kneel-squat drills
DL 40kg 3,3
DL 72kg 3,3,5
DFSQ 32kg 3
DFSQ 40kg 3,3,3
Pushups: 20,20 (1 PS)
CL, dip & bump, hold @2rpm
32kg 4
40kg 4
Run the block. 1mi/9:00, probably 70% running.[/B]

This was a welcome, refreshing change. I have pairs of bells to DL 72kg and 80kg conveniently. Start. Running up and down these hills really burned out my calves, but it's good for my elasticity.

02/13 16kg Long Cycle Sunday
Warm up and stretch, some Windmills
Everything double 16s.
FSQ 2x5
Jerk SQ 2x5
1m @4-6rpm, 1m rest - 5,5,6
2m @4rpm, 1m rest - 3 sets tiring, so done

Dbl SW: @10 xx
1H 2x16kg SW 5/5 :-)

SN 5/5/5/5 & single OH 50steps - 2 sets ea
SN 20/20 & oh 50 steps - 1 set ea
Total 40 32cl, 30 32sw, 80 16sn
= 3,520kg ballistics[/B]

Notes: LC was SO MUCH BETTER. Launching well, stabilizing well. I "feel" a double dip, but it's my heels dropping. I'm not doing it. Work on that with shallow OH squats.

Snatches did not give me grip trouble. Drop was a little overhand/straight, but it worked. 2-bell swing was a joke and risky on the tile roof, but it was not impossible. Keep up heavy 1 bell/hand instead.

[B]02/14 BWE session
Half Pullups: 2 x 11
Hanging Knee Raises: 2 x 15 (1st PS)
Straight Bridges: 3x40 (2nd PS)[/B]

Notes: Pullups were to the chin, not the neck. I should step back and do these more deliberately. Otherwise, good work.

[B]02/15 Full Workout
Warm up and stretch
20kg TGU: 1/1
16kg OAJ 6m @10rpm: did 3m L, 4m R by mistake
SN 4m @12rpm: 12,15 L, 12,12 R

20kg OAJ 20/20: 10/10, 10/10
20kg SW 50/50: 30/30/20/20 consecutive[/B]

Notes: Split up swings because of forearm fatigue. Work volume, but do NOT work to cramps. Not useful. Implement 1m alternating snatches for a while to build volume. Meet the 50/50 total without setting the bell down, then work on elongation of hand sets. I need 100/5m again, period.

Working out little hand issues in the jerk. Thumb, wrist, little aches. Hit OAJ 8m@10rpm two sessions, then move to 2AJ. Ask coach about scheduling supplemental work around carrying three bells.
[B]02/16 Strong Session
DL 5 40kg , 2x5 72kg
[/B][B]Pushups 2x20[/B]
[B]DFSQ 2x5 32kg
JkSQ 4x5 40kg
= 2040kg total
Run 8:30 mile (9:00 - shoelace, Schnauzer)[/B]

Notes: Run felt better. Careful with 4-KB DLs. The stance stretches the lower back and glutes. Almost not perfect, almost too much before running hills. Try suitcase grip next time, may be better for jerk motion anyway. Jerk Squats were markedly better than I've ever seen them before.

02/17 skipped

Rounded lower back during the 4-bell DLs on Wednesday. Had a catch in the pelvic spine well into the weekend.

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